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Jake Tool Co. Lock Pull Tool

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Introducing our Through-the-Lock (TTL) Lock Pull tool. This lock pull tool is designed around the heavily used REX tool. Our alloy steel, welded plate design, is stronger yet lighter than its cast/forged competitor. This lock pull tool integrates with our Little Buddy, as well as our other tool holders, allowing for improved carrying options and quick access. Once the puller is driven into a lock cylinder, it is pried out using the halligan forks, adz, Little Buddy handle, “PIG” sledge, or other prying tools that fit into the slots. 4130 Alloy Steel (welded plate) construction provides a strong edge that bites into the lock cylinder.
Heat treated for added hardness.
Integrates with our Jake Tool holders and Little Buddy handle
Lightweight compared to other cast/forged options
Can be used a halligan (fork or adz), Little Buddy, “PIG” sledge, or other prying tools
4″ x 2″ x 1.5″
16 oz
Built in the USA


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