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Forcible Entry Equipment Forcible Entry 24″ Halligan

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Made in USA: Originated, Designed, Manufactured in the United
States by firefighters for fellow first responders
Ready to go out of the box. No modifications needed. :
Shouldered at the Fork
Marked at 1.75” on the Fork
Marked at 1.75” at the Adze
2nd Mark at crotch = Max depth for Fork
Permanent Spike
30” length or choice of 24”
Stainless Steel – will NEVER Rust again and hardened for
increased resistance to damage.
Yes, it will polish to a mirror finish.
No, we do not provide the polishing service.
However, we are happy to suggest processes and strategies.
Made of 17-5 Stainless Steel (160k lbs tensile). Note: non-alloy
steels = 50k lbs. tensile.Alloy steels are 120k lbs. tensile.
All one piece – The production process is known as investment
casting. Nothing is welded on separately. The Adz, Fork, Spike,
Shaft are all cast in a single pour for greatest strength and
Stays sharper longer with less maintenance required due to
superior steel.
FlatAdze – noticeably easier for outward opening / commercial
doors where achieving a gap is more difficult.
Adze comes edged and sharpened on the outward side for
greater bite and purchase. No more slippage.
All Halligans come laser engraved with our logo on the fork and
are sequentially numbered making yours unique to you and you
alone. We also offer custom engraving if you want to add further
Lifetime Warranty – If it breaks for any reason we replace it. No
questions asked. Just send us the broken tool and we will send
you a new one or your money back.


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